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Many of my early prints were executed at the University of Iowa where I was working for my Master of Fine Arts degree under the tutelage of Mauricio Lasansky, internationally recognized printmaker. While working on my degree, I exhibited frequently in important national exhibitions of fine prints and occasionally in several exhibitions in foreign museums. My work in prints and paintings are now included in eighty-three museums, university and corporate collections including, as mentioned in my resume, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, The National Collection of Fine Arts of the Smithsonian Institution, etc. Some of these works were of that early period. My editions of early intaglio prints are editioned in thirty or more prints in each edition and these are almost completely sold out by now. I am hoping to sell the remaining early prints to close out those editions and that is the purpose of this website. I should mention that in the years after graduation I was a Professor of Printmaking at Indiana University in the School of Fine Arts until my recent retirement.

Meanwhile I actively continue my professional life as a printmaker and painter.